Coping with COVID-19: Strategies for Anxiety

Coping with COVID-19: Strategies for Anxiety Feeling anxious? Does this whole COVID-19 thing have you feeling stressed-out? Perhaps not, maybe you’ve adjusted to the new reality and are doing just fine, or, perhaps you are feeling even worse lately as this surreal, movie-like story grinds on, and on, and on. Whether you are struggling or not depends largely on your own unique circumstances, and also on your personality – your natural way of thinking and behaving, but both responses are valid.…

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When Anxiety Becomes a Concern and How to Treat It

When Anxiety Becomes a Concern and How to Treat It Anxiety is no fun! It can range from a minor inconvenience to a crippling and painful state of near paralysis – either way, it’s not a pleasant experience. The interesting thing about working with anxiety is that we don’t seek to eliminate the ability to get anxious, because, for starters, that’s impossible, secondly, anxiety is often useful and adaptive. Quite simply, without the capacity for anxious reactions our species would…

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Pathway Psychology was started by Edmonton Registered Psychologist, Gerard MacLellan in 2015.

The psychologists at Pathway Psychology work collaboratively with clients on a broad range of topics ranging from anxiety and depression, to addictions and grief counselling as well as relationship counselling and general life improvement.  Find out more about our therapists here.

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