Welcome to my new website, and to my practice!

I am very excited to launch this new website with a short blog post about what an honour it is to work as a psychologist helping clients strive for improvement in their lives.

If we look back to the origins of the word “psychotherapy” we see two words – the Greek word “psyche”, which can refer to the “soul”; and “therapeunin” which means “to care for”. As psychotherapists we are literally striving to help clients care for the needs of their soul, or their innermost selves—this work is a genuine honour and indeed a privilege.

I absolutely love the work I do. Working as a psychologist gives me insight into the human spirit and I am often in awe of my clients, their grace and their strength in the face of adversity is truly inspiring.

As a therapist I am in the rewarding position of being able to support my clients when they need it the most. I work with a wide range of clients—some are having grave difficulties in their lives and are at the end of their proverbial rope, while others are high-achievers who are seeking even higher levels of performance.

It is my sincere honour to work with all my clients and to do the very best that I can to help support them, either on the path toward better balance and a semblance of wellness, or toward higher levels of personal and workplace accomplishments.

Along with the courageous work of my clients, the support I aim to provide can help with recovery from trauma, illness, or addiction. This support can also help those who are grieving, coping with serious relationship difficulties, or adapting to a loss of employment or a change in their health—all of this work is deeply personal, and again, a true honour to be a part of.

I am a purveyor of hope, and of what can be, despite what is, and what has been.

My aim is to help clients restore themselves to their very fullest when they have been bowed by the pressures of life, when they are vulnerable, and when they are hurting. My goal is to not only help them get back to a place of wellness, but to also grow to new heights. This is not easy work, but it is soulful and it is rewarding. The trust placed in me requires the utmost of respect and dedication.

Research shows that when clients establish a good relationship with their therapist they achieve better outcomes in therapy. I understand the importance of treating my clients with respect and dignity and in seeing them as a whole person, especially if they feel broken and wounded.

I aim to offer unconditional and unflinching support for my clients. I want to help excavate meaning and find purpose in chaos and confusion and to ultimately help my clients befriend themselves, especially if they are lacking in self-respect or self esteem. Above all I want my clients to see themselves as perfectly human, not as some form of pathology and not as a disorder or a diagnosis.

There is nothing more rewarding than seeing clients restore their wellness and reach higher than they have before. It is truly gratifying to see these clients make the internal shifts that allow them to recover their lost confidence and step into new opportunities in life—sometimes these shifts occur little by little and sometimes they occur quickly.

I chose the name Pathway Psychology because it has multiple meanings. One is related to the importance of neural pathways in our brains, the other is the sense of moving forward towards a better place in the future – the pathway to greater wellness. It has and always will be a great honour of mine to walk that path with all of those that I am honoured to work with.

Please feel free to comment or message me privately should you wish to chat or ask any questions about my work.

Thanks for reading!

– Gerard