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When is Couples Therapy Needed?

Unhealthy communication patterns where you both feel stuck in negativity or frustration.
Feeling emotionally disconnected from your partner and wondering if your relationship is worth maintaining.
Knowing deep down that you can be in a happier and healthier relationship if you worked through some issues that currently feel like road-blocks.

Common Areas of Focus in Couples Therapy and How Therapy Can Help

Creating an open and constructive space for working through problems respectfully.
Reviewing strategies to communicate in a productive way that supports the relationship.
Focusing on practical ways to grow closer emotionally.

Pathway Psychology’s Approach with Couples

We start with an honest conversation about how things are going and what needs to change.
A plan or road map is developed with specific goals in mind.
Key areas of focus include constructive communication, emotional connection and greater intimacy, building back trust and remaining kind.
Emphasis is placed on taking personal responsibility rather than just waiting for your partner to change.
Mindful practice of cooperation, flexibility and gratitude.

Pathway Therapists That Specialize in Couples Counselling

Gerard has over 10 years of experience working to help couples. He uses an integrative and evidence-based approach drawing on experience with Solution Focused Therapy, Positive Psychology and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, as well as common strategies from Emotion Focused Therapy and the Gottman method.

Welcome to Pathway Psychology

Pathway Psychology was started by Edmonton Registered Psychologist, Gerard MacLellan in 2015.

The psychologists at Pathway Psychology work collaboratively with clients on a broad range of topics ranging from anxiety and depression, to addictions and grief counselling as well as relationship counselling and general life improvement.  Find out more about our therapists here.

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